script conversion systems

Transliteration systems stored in a maps/maps/ directory as Interscript Map files. You can create a new file and add it to the directory.

The file should be named as <system-code>.imp, where system-code is in accordance with ISO/CC 24229.

File structure

The file structure is described in Interscript Map Format documentation

Testing transliteration systems

To test all transliteration systems in the maps/ directory, run:

cd ruby/
bundle exec rspec

The command takes source texts from the test section, transforms them using rules and charmaps from the map key, and compares the results with expected: text from the source: section.

To test a specific transliteration system, set the environment variable TRANSLIT_SYSTEM to the system code of the desired system (i.e. the “basename” of the system’s YAML file):

TRANSLIT_SYSTEM=bgnpcgn-rus-Cyrl-Latn-1947 bundle exec rspec spec/interscript_spec.rb

To test staging maps, which may or may not work, you would need to execute a slightly different command:

TRANSLIT_SYSTEM=bgnpcgn-rus-Cyrl-Latn-1947 INTERSCRIPT_STAGING=1 bundle exec rspec spec/interscript_spec.rb